“Freedom cannot survive in any system which allows a ruling class to exist...”

—Gary D. Barnett

Statement of Freedom

We are created in the Image of God, Who is the very definition of freedom.

We stand proudly and strongly, openly declaring that we are free people.

We will be heard. We will be recognized. We will be known.

We are not slaves nor servants of the State.

We will not cower in abject fear.

We will not be treated like children, criminals, or second-class citizens.

We will not cover our faces nor muffle our voices.

We will not sit back passively while our liberties are eroded and taken away.

We will not be locked down or locked out.

We will not allow our churches and businesses to be shut down.

We will not be told to stay away from other people, near or far.

We will not consent to a mandatory or forced vaccination of which we do not approve and which has not been proven to be beneficial and safe.

We will not submit! We will not comply! We will not surrender!

We are free and we will live as free people!

Permission is granted to copy and distribute this statement without restriction or charge. Please provide a working link back to this website. Copyright 2022, Face of Freedom